JUNE 26, 2018


I believe we ALL should be SAFE, we ALL need help and we ALL deserve a
second chance:

   •        Whether you need mortgage relief
   •        Affordable Health Care
   •        Have broken a Law
   •        Dropped out of school
   •        Had a child at an early age or
   •        Just fell on hard times

As your Delegate my staff and I will work vigorously to ensure that you and our
children are SAFE. We will strengthen school security, upgrade schools, provide
relief to homeowners and renters, increase wages, and grow our Recreational,
Community and Senior Centers.

In 2006, I began working with Delegate Jill Carter to find SOLUTIONS to
RECIDIVISM and recently Maryland passed a Second Chance Law. Since 2010
I have also been fighting Countrywide, Bank of America, Nationstar and Ditech
in the United States District Court for Maryland after they robbed my
Grandmother in 2007 for all the equity in her home.  Since 2014, I have also
been challenging the Maryland Public Service Commission after discovering
their deceptive business practices of over charging customers and forcing them
to pay high bills.

I am a fighter who has overcome many of the challenges that are facing
Marylanders today and I PRAY that you will give me an OPPORTUNITY to
share my SOLUTIONS with other REPRESENTATIVES of the State of
Maryland in the next Legislative Session. TOG
ETHER we can make a better
MARYLAND!!! WE ALL should be SAFE, WE ALL need help and WE ALL
deserve a second chance.

VOTE for Nathaniel M. Costley Sr. on or before JUNE 26, 2018 as your next
Delegate of the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES!!!


Nathaniel M. Costley Sr., MBA
Your next Delegate
443 929-9099                      LINK to the Larry Young Morning Show
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